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The Rise and Rise of Radeon

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Something is happening in the world of graphics and it is a sea change that is bringing benefits to everyone in the industry. AMD has always sought to offer the best possible GPU with our Radeon line of products but not since the purchase of ATI in 2006 has the company had the strength it has now.

Take a look at the chart below which shows the performance of AMD Radeon v NVidia GeForce as tested using the independent benchmark 3D Mark Firestrike test.  We can see that at every point in the stack AMD Radeon offers a competitive performance lead.   However when we add currently available pricing from etailers like,, or, you will see that Radeon is also cheaper at every level.  Why is this?

There are three factors making Radeon the best buy today;

  1. Performance.  AMDs advanced GPUs deliver extraordinary performance and spectacular efficiency. Offering the best product across the board- better performance at every price point.
  2. Social. AMD has long had a strong fan base but over the last 18 months our lead in gaming following the wins with Xbox, PS4 and the partnership with EA/Dice with Battlefield 4 and the hugely successful launch of Mantle has seen ‘Team Red’ grow enormously.  As measured by Sysomos Heartbeat end user sentiment for AMD has grown by more than 200% in the last 18 months and our expectation is for those to increase further.
  3. Technological. A recent report from website Eteknix showed how far AMD has come in improving both the performance and reliability of our drivers. Today’s Radeon software drivers are not just good but world class, strong enough to be used by the world’s most demanding and stringent users like Boeing, Lockheed and Philips.  Our success in Professional Graphics with our Fire Pro range is testament to this.

  Today many stores around the world are now using the chart below to help guide customers to making the right choice of GPU.  We believe that the use of fair, independent benchmarks like 3D Mark is crucial to the establishment of fair competition to the benefit of all.  We encourage you to use the chart or even do your own testing and share your results.  3D Mark can be downloaded from here.

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*Originally posted by System Admin in AMD Partners on Aug 12, 2014 6:02:59 PM