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DASH CLI 4.5 Release Announcement

A new release of DASH CLI 4.5 is now available.


The DASH CLI v4.5 is a command line application used to perform out of band management tasks (power management, asset inventory, alerts, etc.) using DMTF DASH specifications.


New Features in DASH CLI v4.5

  • Support AIM-T 2.0
  • Cloud Manageability
  • KVM performance enhancements.



TLS Certificates for DASH HTTPS communication and KVM key for KVM feature have to be generated using AMD Provisioning Console (APC).


  1. ConsoleRootCertificate.crt – This is a Root CA certificate for communicating with DASH system. Import this certificate into Windows Certificate store (via “Manage Computer Certificates” application)
  2. KVM SSH Key – This key is used for KVM session for AIM-T systems. This key has to be copied to “C:\Program Files (x86)\ DASH CLI 4.5\certs” folder.


Visit to download the latest software.


For any queries, write a mail to

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