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Work Hard, Play Hard: A Modern Working Life

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An experience is a collection of moments.  Some of those moments, like waiting on an endless layover between flights, can feel like they last forever.  Others, like video conferencing with your son from a hotel room a hemisphere away, are fleeting in the worst way.  Technology tends to intercept experiences in one of two ways: it enhances them and makes you forget it’s there, or you stare at an hourglass rotating on your computer screen reminding you of its limitations.

4702_SocialMedia_Influencer_July_NoTimes (3).jpgThree weeks ago I was asked to bring a shiny new techno-object into my life so that I could share my collection of moments.  The Lenovo Flex 2 featuring the AMD A8-6810 processor would be my main PC on the condition that I agree to chronicle my journey around the world.  I got to be the voice of the “business man,” which was a sweet deal for me as long as I got more magic moments than spinning hourglasses.  In the last few weeks, I’ve had 76 meetings in two continents.  The topics ranged from commercial events in Spanish South America to a recurring 1:1 with our channel sales director..  I am a demanding user and I need a system that can transition from my desk to a meeting room to an airport and to a plane seamlessly.

This Lenovo Flex 2 did that with style.  The fact that I could shave time off of my showdowns with the Windows sign-in screen by using AMD Face Login was amazing.  It picked up my smirk with and without glasses. I didn’t need to touch a key. This helped save time and got more than a few oohs and ahs in otherwise mundane meetings.  Typing a password is so 2013.  I acquired another fan at home when my son discovered AMD Gesture Control.  First he swiped through Windows 8’s modern UI, sending start screen tiles waving from side to side like an old-school rap concert. Then he employed the steady ET finger gesture to click on individual tiles.  We were both mesmerized. The AMD APU, the “brain” of the PC, silently eliminated any stuttering and allowed for fluid motion.  I reminded my son that sometimes technology enables magic and daddy’s company turned his index finger into a magic wand.  He proceeded to mute me with one of the gestures.

4702_SocialMedia_Influencer_game copy.jpg

The amazing thing about a few days in a new environment is that it highlights the elements that make us all human.  A couple weeks in my life proved that the “business man” story is similar to everyone else’s.  I just need technology to fade into my moments.  This happened when I was on the plane to Buenos Aires from Dallas using the Flex 2’s 300-degree flip feature to watch an episode of my favorite legal drama on the beautiful 15.6” touch screen while the person in the seat next to me leaned back to take a nap.  I even had the power to play intense, immersive racing games like “DiRT 3” to disconnect from a stressful day.  If it can game, it can handle the job I love, running marketing for the Americas.  It can also handle the quiet moments when I want my favorite view in all of Buenos Aires: seeing my son roll his eyes over a video chat from 5,000 miles away when I say something ridiculous.  That’s when graphics matter and I can’t afford lag or grainy video.  For that moment in time, technology did exactly what it should do – it faded into the background and teleported me to my living room.

If it can game, imagine what it can do for you…

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*Originally Posted by Gerald Youngblood in AMD on Jul 31, 2014 7:49:31 PM