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Eric and Sandi from Cloud Imperium Give Us A Special Look Into Their Experiences with the HP Envy

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This month we have been highlighting the journey of Sandi and Eric from the game developer Cloud Imperium. With the two having extensive knowledge in the tech industry, both in marketing and game development, we were able to truly magnify how AMD technology is able to satisfy a wide variety of needs for numerous tasks. Sandi and Eric have been able to put the AMD-based HP Envy to good use and have really demonstrated the beauty of having technology that seamlessly transitions from work to play!

We asked Sandi and Eric about how they’re using the HP Envy to complete work projects and more. See what they say of their experiences thus far!


Q: What are your first impressions of the HP Envy?


A: “It looks nice. I like the color of it. It’s got great battery power. I used it on a plane from LA to Boston. I really dug that. Nothing bothers me more than a battery that is just gone in seconds. I am getting used to the Windows part, but I do really like the touch screen. I can have all of my apps open and it still doesn’t run the battery down.”

Q: What projects have you been working on using the HP Envy?


A: “I have been working on The Next Great Starship. I watched a rough cut of the episode airing this week on dropbox which was really useful...I’ve been Skyping the other staff, some in the UK, some in LA.. I’ve also been doing a lot of events coordinating, too, for gamescomm.”


A: “I use it for a number of things: headcount, scheduling the shipping and manufacturing. I do tons of email. Tons! I am able to Livestream for the fans.”

Q: What technologies are you looking forward to using?


A: “I’m going to explore how I can use the technology for Social. Social is such a huge thing-it’s a way to engage people. This laptop is great for that-you could be on the go, you could be PAX East, this was awesome.”


A: “I am looking forward to trying some of the touch screen apps..It is a much larger screen and the processor is a lot more powerful so the app should be more fun and engaging for people to play.”

Q: Who do you recommend it for?


A: “Business professionals, family. I think it’s really cool for college students and business professionals. For those doing an MBA while working, I think this is perfect for that. Let’s say you had an evening class and you need a laptop. If you travel a lot, this is great for that.”



A: “I would think high school as well. I mean I think it is just a really nice, powerful machine. I think Sandi nailed it. If you’re doing a PowerPoint, you want some acreage to move around, especially with touchscreen.”

Between the long battery life and portability, the HP Envy is proving to be a perfect fit for Sandi. For Eric, the large screen, beautiful graphics and processing power are key features for assisting in day-to-day tasks to bring aspects of Star Citizen, like Wingman’s Hangar, to life.

Ask AMD!

You can find out more about the A10 APU or the HP Envy here. If you have questions about the system, questions for Sandi and Eric, or just general questions for AMD, submit them here or post using the #AskAMD. We will be conducting a Tweet Chat on May 5th at 7pm CST to answer some of the questions from our fans.

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