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AMD teaches valuable computer skills to children of the Boys & Girls Clubs

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As part of AMD and the Boys & Girls Clubs ongoing cooperation, AMD is holding workshops at Boys & Girls Club locations in Austin, Toronto and Silicon Valley to help teach children valuable computer skills.

Computer skills and early access to technology are vital in today’s world and will likely only continue to grow in importance. According to the National Center for College and Career Transitions, about 20 percent of careers relate to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

AMD recognizes the value of developing computer skills early on through STEM education, and, as part of its ongoing cooperation with the Boys & Girls Clubs, is holding computer build workshops at Clubs in Austin, Toronto and Silicon Valley to help teach students these valuable skills.

AMD donated the parts to build a desktop computer at each Club location, and AMD representatives will teach the children how to assemble them into working systems during the 1-hour workshops. While building the systems, the children will learn about each part of the computer and how that part relates to the performance of the computer, as well as how all the parts work together to make the computer function.

Once built, the desktops will be part of each Club’s computer lab, where students learn skills such as programming, design, animation, photo editing and research. In addition to the desktop computers, AMD also donated an HP Pavilion laptop and a Toshiba Satellite laptop to each club. All systems are powered by the latest generation of AMD processors.

The Austin workshop, led by James Prior of AMD, took place on February 23. 9 students between the ages of 10-12 participated and a fun learning experience was had by all!

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The Silicon Valley workshop will take place on February 26 and the Toronto workshop on March 24.

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