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Embedded Customer YCD Multimedia Lights Up Times Square

Journeyman III
Journeyman III
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This blog post is authored by AMD Embedded customer Ido Aviram from YCD Multimedia.

YCD, the leading global provider of advanced digital signage software solutions, has been a proud AMD customer for more than 10 years, and we have collaborated to bring robust digital signage solutions to market in various forms, including interactive billboards, retail video walls, massive multi-display installations and more. I want to highlight one special project that is likely familiar to many of you – the iconic interactive billboard on the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, New York.

Vornado Realty Trust, a preeminent owner, manager and developer of office and retail assets, was responsible for the redevelopment of the Marriott Marquis Hotel, and had a vision to create the largest interactive billboard in Times Square. Vornado approached YCD through Mitsubishi and Diversified Systems, who were awarded with the project’s implementation. We were tasked with providing ‘pixel-perfect’ playback – where every pixel in a canvas has perfect frame synchronization across the multiple computers driving the larger display, and also had to ensure seamless content management, scheduling and flexible designs to separate the Marriott screen from other displays in a highly concentrated area where digital signage is everywhere you turn.

The solution? The YCD Cnario software suite, powered by AMD graphics technology. With Cnario, we delivered all of the components to drive a unique and immersive experience, including powerful graphics, diverse content that can simultaneously run across multiple screens, zero lag time and dynamic feeds to show social media content in real-time. This integrated solution makes possible choreographed sequences, animations and complex visual configurations spread across an entire canvas regardless of the type, size and duration of content.

Times SQ 2.jpgThe result? With support from AMD, we succeeded in helping to create the largest display in Times Square. The Marriott Marquis LED display is 100 meters wide (yes, the length of a football field), 23.5 meters high (reaching the eighth floor of the hotel), and has nearly 24 million pixels for a viewing experience like no other, reaching more than 300,000 pedestrians who pass through Times Square every day. The bezel-less LED wall is driven by two computers with a total of 18 synchronized outputs, providing full screen resolution without stretching or splitting outputs. Each video output is connected to a house-sync of the LED screen itself, allowing for perfect synchronized playback between all outputs of the two computers. Windows and content can be placed anywhere on the display, providing flexibility and easy transitions from full surface to sectioned content with a few simple clicks.

Today, the LED display can be used as a single large advertising space or broken down into several areas for multiple simultaneous advertisements. It has been leveraged to promote major events, from the New Year’s Eve countdown to sports championships, and continues to catch the eye of anyone who has the pleasure of walking through Times Square.

We would not be able to reach these heights without the graphics expertise and support from AMD, and look forward to future innovation as the digital signage industry continues to unfold.

Ido Aviram is Director of Operations, YCD Multmedia. The information contained in this blog represents the view of the third party author as of the date presented. AMD and/or the third party author have no obligation to update any forward-looking content in the above blog. AMD is not responsible for the content of any third party blog and does not necessarily endorse the comments made therein. GD-84 Links to third party sites are provided for convenience and unless explicitly stated, AMD is not responsible for the contents of such linked sites and no endorsement is implied.