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AMD Enables Barco to Deliver a Unified Workflow for Radiology and Mammography Imaging

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Medical imaging professionals are currently challenged with ‘information overload’ when it comes to critical patient image and scan results. Too often, they must view different patient results on multiple monitors that sometimes exist in different locations. Because medical professionals are responsible for reading patients’ X-rays, MRI, CT or mammography scans, they truly understand and appreciate the importance of accurate graphics and display quality.

With thirty years’ experience in the medical imaging industry, Barco relies on high quality graphics cards (display controllers) for their medical displays. Our collaborator, for more than a decade, is leading innovation and smart technology breakthroughs to deliver incredible image quality for radiology, mammography, surgery, dentistry, and modality imaging. Their healthcare division looks to AMD professional graphics products to power its diagnostic display lines. Barco’s latest innovation, the Coronis Uniti™, is designed with radiologists in mind by offering unparalleled image quality, inventive productivity features and ergonomic design.


Image courtesy of Barco

According to Barco, at 12 megapixels, Coronis Uniti - powered exclusively by Barco MXRT, built on AMD FirePro™ W7000 graphics cards - is the highest resolution display available in the medical imaging market today. Through DisplayPort 1.2 support, AMD FirePro W7000 graphics help Coronis Uniti to achieve its massive maximum resolution of 4200x2800. That’s 12 million pixel points in a 33-inch display, enabling sharp grayscale and bold, brilliant colors for viewing 2D/3D static or dynamic images in in-depth detail. The display is also equipped with Barco’s industry-changing SteadyColor™ calibration technology, and Color Per Pixel Uniformity™ to ensure consistent colors and grayscales, along with Ambient Light Compensation™ to ensure that image quality is flawless, in a variety lighting environments.

In designing Uniti, Barco strived to deliver exceptional image quality while easing radiologists’ physical discomfort when reading images. The display optimizes the reading experience by mirroring our natural field of vision. Its carefully designed format minimizes the need for head and eye movements, while also creating side-by-side comparisons of multiple images. To reduce eye fatigue, its SoftGlow™ wall light adds ambient light to the reading room, while the SoftGlow™ task light shines a light on papers and film folders, while SpotView™ focuses light and allows radiologists to view an area more closely.


Image courtesy of Barco

Image quality and consistency are paramount to achieving a confident diagnosis, and ultimately, a successful course of treatment for patients. Barco technologies that go beyond pixels and lumens enhance even the subtlest details to aid in precise detection at the earliest possible stage. AMD and Barco have worked together for nearly 12 years to enable cutting edge features like those found in Coronis Uniti. Barco expands on the rock-solid AMD FirePro unified driver and its features to develop and incorporate innovations unique to its diagnostic displays and software, resulting in the superior visual experience for the medical imaging community.

To learn more about the Coronis Uniti powered by AMD FirePro W7000 graphics, check out this video.

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