Merging Library Forums

Poll created by jtrudeau on Feb 2, 2015

My goal is to have forums where:

* similar questions all live together (clear boundaries)

* it's intuitively easy to find the place where your question is likely to be answered

* the forum is active and lively - because that encourages participation


To that end we are discussing merging three current forums into one. The Bolt and clMath forums will merge into ACML. Both of them are very lightly used. This is a little loss in granularity for a large visibility gain for the little-used forums. As well, there is overlap because ACML uses clMath.


I also thought it might be nice to ask what YOU think. What a concept. So, let's find out.

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  • Yes, please merge the three forums
  • No, please keep things the way they are
  • Whatever! :)