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So my AMD FX 9590 Arrived just a Day ago and I'm having some performance issues with it. When I try to play games (CSGO, Call of Duty Etc..) My FPS lowers every few seconds and then Highers a second later. It happens with all games. The CPUs Clock Speed goes from 4.7 to 1.3 then back to 4.7 every few seconds (I'm assuming that's what is causing

Diver from 17.8.2 to 17.11.1 and so far there are no corrections and this is no longer funny ...   When HBAO + is turned on in the cutscenes, black bars are visible on the objects.   WITH THE SSAO INCLUDED, THERE IS NO SUCH PROBLEMS!   But before this was not, on the old drivers.   I'm good at hardware and not only and I'm