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  What’s that? Another VLAN? Can it be that time already?   That’s right! It’s time for another AMD VLAN!   Starting October 20th at 11AM CT/5PM GMT, we’ll be live on the AMD Twitch channel and the Red Team Discord playing your favorite games for TWELVE hours straight! The AMD Red Team is hyped to hang out
My graphics card is AMD Radeon HD 7700 series and it says that I have 5096 mb available and overal system memory is 4072mb but used memory is only 1024 and this is not enough for me to play Black Ops 4 as it needs 1268 mb. I tried overclocking my gpu with Afterburner, I went into bios and changed my graphics to dual graphics to make it 2 GB, I
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Any tips on how to get HDCP working on my system?  When I look at my settings in AMD Radeon Pro under my monitor it shows "Current HDCP Status: Disabled".  I've tried different driver sets including 18.Q3, 18.Q3.1, and even the Adrenalin Edition Beta for Windows October 2018 Update drivers.  I'm using the DP port to connect directly
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My NEC Spectraview 2690 does not work properly after the latest Win10 Pro forced update.  It can only display 1280x768px. The native 1920x1200px is not selectable. Tried to uninstall AMD drivers and reinstall the latest version as well as updating the installed driver via Windows update. Nothing works... The drivers are shown in the list but
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Hi I'm trying to install a new sapphire RX 580 Graphics card into my old HP P7-1241 with AMD Quad Core A10-5700 integrated Graphics. Also installed new 600w psu. PSU working fine but the RX 580 is showing no signal when I take it out the integrated graphics work fine again. Not sure what to do next. I did go to bios and check to make sure the