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Hi, before I get started, apologies for any naivety, I'm not well versed in this area! I am trying to run the demo of Forza Horizon 4, however on start up I'm faced with the following screen: I have checked that I am running the most current drivers, I am running a Radeon R7 but I'm not sure which series. This is the Radeon Settings dialogue

Idepad 320 80XS0097UK have an R7 graphic card. But I do not know the type of the card. Lenovo have no clue. So maybe You can answer. M320,M325 ???   What type?
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Was checking things to make sure everything was working ok. Only built this system about a week ago.  Noticed that windows only detects 4 cores and 8 logical processors, it should be double that for both numbers if i am not mistaken.  As of this post i am going to set the bios settings to default and see it that fixes the issue. 
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Ноутбук hp pavilion 15-ba031ur, имеется две видеокарты(фото приложу), при установки драйверов видеокарты определяются, но дискретная карта копирует встроенную и что одна что вторая выдает на выходе 384 мегабайта, фпс в играх 10-15 стабильно, приложения такие как фотошоп, а именно 3d не тянут вовсе. Прошу помогите как правильно исправить данную