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i got a lot of problems with the Rx Vega64 Liquid edition this is my 3rd Card (RMA the other 2 cards before this one).   The problem that i have is the Vega card randomly causes a Black-screen / Grey-screen. it doesn't matter what i do or what i play it does it random there is no pattern in the  behavior. I tried a lot of different

I did sfc and dism  adm cmd.... I did microsoft visuals c++ repairs... I uninstalled malware bytes and turned off windows defender.... I got the driver notification in my old radeon 18.2.1 driver version.....   I am using Dell Inspiron 15 5576 Baffin series....   nevermind,I resolved Error code 1603.   Now,TDR and Thread
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Hello! When I try to install the driver version (AMD Radeon Adrenalin Edition 18.5.1 Driver), the system crashes in the BSOD (blue screen)... And this happens in many people ... Spec: (Radeon RX 580 8G, Windows 10 x64 version (1709).
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I have a Dell notebook with two video cards, I don't understand a lot of these things so I don't know very well what to write here. It already has 4 years since I bought this notebook and I always used it without problems, but recently it had the blue screen problem and I had to format it, now I can't install the AMD Radeon video card driver,
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Hi, Well that problem happened Yesterday,Till that everything was perfect! I'm having that card for about more then half year.. Yesterday it started when I played State of Decay 2,After about 30-40 minutes of play screen became black and showed no input detected message,But Audio for example kept working..I could still for example talk to my