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I'm getting this message as a text pop-up, and AMD settings do not run (it is impossible to run due to the error):   "Radeon settings version and Driver version do not match. Please try again after updating to latest version(s)."   ... whenever I try to open AMD settings after installing any driver past 18.2.2 .   R9 290X on

Here is my setup:   A8-7670k AsRock FM2A78M-HD+ (current BIOS) 4GBx2 G.Skill Ares DDR3 2133mhz (set to proper speed in BIOS) MSI Radeon R7 240 2GD5 (2GB DDR5) Windows 10 64-bit   I am faced with two issues: 1) The dual graphics option is not displaying in the BIOS, and 2) the Radeon Software does not display the dual graphics
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The last driver released that does not cause stutter was 17.7.1 which has a maximum recording bitrate of 50Mbps.   Every driver since then has had a maximum recording bitrate of 100Mbps which causes stuttering recorded videos no matter what you set the Bitrate to. Even less then 10Mbps recordings have the same issue.   This problem