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The WX 5100 supports 10-bit per channel color (or 30-bit color) and I have 2 x BenQ SW320 that support 10-bit color depth as well. 10-bit depth is one reason I got the WX 5100 as I do photography work. When I installed the v17.12.2 driver, I right-clicked on the desktop and opened the "AMD Radeon Pro and AMD FirePro Settings", clicked on the

Hello everyone,    I'm looking for previous drivers before the latest 13.9 for my HD 4870 but can't seem to find the previous driver links on the AMD site and or even download anything form Guru related to any previous driver builds as when being re-directed to the AMD site the page shows nothing of use and seems the previous
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So I purchased an XFX Radeon RX 470 RS Black Edition 4GB the other day online, which Arrived yesterday to my very short-lived delight. Almost immediately upon installation, I discover that it refuse to hold a constant signal to the monitor I am using with a hdmi cable. After a number of attempts at fixes through Driver-fu, I am at a loss as to