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List of possible improvements to the great ProRender

Question asked by rezzy777 on Sep 13, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2020 by bsavery

If any or more of these points are already being processed by the heroes of ProRender, please dismiss it.

This list isn't built in any order; it's just which feature pops into my mind first. Sorry about that. Already got so many ideas to improve this great render even more!


Shader Editor

  1. Set the Uber node to 'IOR' as default instead of 'Metalness' since most materials are Dielectric. I'm also curious why ProRender uses a default value of 1.5 while Cycles uses a value of 1.45. Which one is better?
  2. Create a Layer Shader so multiple textures / colors can be stacked on top of each other (each with its own Blending Mode) instead of having to connect multiple Mix RGB nodes after one another. Make it look more like Photoshop. I attached a simple concept image. I think I have seen this in C4DtoA.
  3. Enable Box Mapping. Just a slider and a 'blend' works great.
  4. Enable Triplanar Mapping for the more experienced user who needs more options than just Box Mapping.
  5. Add more Noises. Cinema 4D has got about 20 different ones. Make them animatable (is that even a word?).
  6. Enable Node Wrangler so I can use the familiar shortcuts to see a preview of just a texture instead of the whole RPR Uber node. And many, many other options (please read this in the voice of Commandant Lassard).
  7. Create a Material Override option.
  8. Create a working Gradient texture. Change the Roughness of materials to a more physically accurate one like this example: 1 Tip to INSTANTLY BETTER Materials - Blender 2.8 Tutorial (Eevee & Cycles) - YouTube 
  9. Create a working Hue/Saturation node.
  10. Create a working Displacement node. Think about adding it back into the RPR Uber node as an option instead of having to add an extra node for it. Combine. (I think it might have been combined with the RPR Uber node before). Please enable support for TIFF files.
  11. Make a Texture Image node which picks 'sRGB' or 'Non-color Data' by itself. It's really annoying to have to pick this for every. single. texture. always. I never needed to do this in Cinema 4D, only in Blender.
  12. Fix the Backscatter option. The manual says I have to increase the Backscatter Weight in order to get more Backscatter (which is just Translucency, right?), but while doing so my object just gets darker.
  13. Let users only pick Shaders / Nodes that are compatible with the RPR Uber node. It gets really confusing otherwise.
  14. I know it's currently not possible due to restrictions in Blender, but please change the layout of the RPR Uber node. Currently all inputs are separated from the options. For example: when I find 'Emission' in the list and enable it, its inputs are shown somewhere at the bottom of the RPR Uber node, which forces me to search for them again. Please make them show up next to the 'Emission' button so it's less clouded. I have attached a file which explains this. I know it's currently not possible, but maybe in the future?
  15. Is it possible to use colors for each option in the RPR Uber node? I mean, when I have enabled a few shaders, I see many, many options which all look alike ('Diffuse Weight', 'Reflection Weight', 'Refraction Weight'). For example, make all 'Diffuse' options a bit reddish, all 'Reflection' options a bit blueish and all 'Refraction' options a bit greenish. Just to separate them a bit more which makes it easier for users to see in which category they are plugging their texture into. Use dividers if needed.
  16. Create a Cycles-to-ProRender-material-converter. Make it so that no nodes will go lost in the process, so users can start rendering immediately instead of manually having to go through each one.


  1. Create a Cryptomatte pass.
  2. Create a Render Log which afterwards shows what percentage of the render time was used for each object. This enables users to improve some heavy objects in order to improve render speed. Never seen this option in other renderers, so ProRender might be the first to support this
  3. Create a Look Dev mode so I can quickly see what a Noise (or other texture) looks like instead of having to render every time I change a value.
  4. Enable the embedded addon 'Auto Tile Size' so I don't have to test all possible tile sizes in order to get the right ones.
  5. Simplify / explain the RPR Denoiser. It probably works great, but I have no idea which one to pick for each render. Is it possible to build just two with easy names like 'Still denoiser' and 'Animation denoiser'? That way even a n00b user can't go wrong.


I'll be on holiday for a week so I won't be able to answer any questions for a while, I'm sorry. 

I'm not whining about any missing features or bugs - I love ProRender and just want to help improve it even more. This is the best renderer I have ever seen! Fast rendering Motion Blur and Depth of Field - amazing. My iMac finally comes to live!  Thank you so much guys!