display goes black when installing driver system freezes

Discussion created by buckthunder on Jul 5, 2020
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Computer Type: Desktop custom build.   2.5 months old

GPU: MSI Mech 5600 xt oc

CPU: Ryzen 2600

Motherboard: Asus Prime B450m-a/csm

RAM: 16gb ddr4 3200 Tforce ddr4gaming dark

PSU: Kratos gold p1-650w

Case: phanteks 300 with intake-outtake

Operating System & Version: Windows 10 latest version

GPU Drivers: N/A (main issue)

Chipset Drivers: AMD B450


Can't install drivers for GPU. I've tried new drivers, older drivers, I've tried through the AMD website for drivers, and through Asus mobo chipsets to get the drivers. I've tried with and without Adrenalin. I've DDU'ed and AMD cleanup tool each and every time.

Always the same, driver downloads gets 3/4 done, screen goes black. PC is "on" but monitor (TV) goes black and acts like PC is off.

After hard reset, PC will freeze during windows load which happens continuously until I enter safe mode and uninstall (plus DDU and AMDcleanup) drivers for 5600 xt.  Losing my mind here, shocked by how useless AMD and MSI have been.