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AMD 7400m black screen after installing 15.7.1 driver

Question asked by ragemadvenom on Jun 2, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2020 by ragemadvenom

So I'm stuck with this problem for over a week now and I still can't find the solution to it, I have an HP ProBook 4730s, it has an intel GPU 3000 and AMD Radeon 7400m, I had windows 10 a few days ago and I was searching for the solutions everywhere but I didn't find any then after that I found out that the problem was in the laptop itself since it didn't support Windows 10 so I had to install windows 8.1 to see if it will fix the problem, I installed the intel and AMD drivers from windows update and also from the hp website but still the problem persists, after I install the AMD driver, the screen goes black and even after I restart the laptop, it gets past that windows spinning wheel and then the screen goes black, I honestly don't know what is the problem, I tried to find everywhere for a solution but I don't know, so I thought I could come to the official AMD forum and ask so here I am, Any help is greatly appreciated since I want my Laptop to work again.