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RMA times and possibility to cross-ship?

Question asked by pliccar on May 29, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2020 by matt_thedragon

Hello, i've submitted an rma request (8200969244) a week ago for a cpu, i went through all the steps and i've received the approval today. I thought that the whole rma process would require a lot less time, i use the cpu for my job and if it takes another 2 weeks i might have to buy another cpu as i really need to finish what i was working on as soon as possible, hopefully by the first week of june. I saw on the forums (Cross Ship Warranty Replacement RMA# 2000278411 , SOLVED by AMD - Cross Shipping?  Is it even possible with AMD? , SOLVED by AMD - Cross Shipping?  Is it even possible with AMD?  ) that amd does offer a faster replacement route called cross-shipping, how can i ask for a cross shipping? i'm available to provide everything that's required and even pay for it if it has a cost, can any moderator help me out? ray_m 

Thanks in advance