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Micro Stuttering on High end Build (RX 5700 XT + R7 3700x)

Question asked by sint on Feb 22, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2020 by amdmatt

So I recently upgraded my PC and the specs are as follow:

Aorus Elite x570 wifi

Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 2x8 DDR4 3600MHz

Ryzen 7 3700x

Red Devil Radeon RX 5700 XT

Samsung Evo 970 m.2 (Windows OS and game installed)

Samsung Evo 850 (PUBG installed)


EVGA G2 750W


However, with this new build I expected to be able to play games such as PUBG and other games flawlessly but I keep experiencing these micro stutters that I don't know what to do about.


Temperatures while playing are CPU 55-60 C degrees on DFO (it's a really old game and a single core game)

Temperatures while playing PUBG CPU 65-70 degrees C max, GPU 65-69 degrees C.


Examples of it in PUBG:

Examples of it in other game (DFO):


Latencymon on the examples of PUBG:


Things I've tried:

Re-installing Windows 10 (about 3~4 times) (I'm currently using Windows 10 Pro)

Disabling HPET

Disabling windows defender, between other services recommended by youtube videos or other people one by one to see if any fixed it

Using different versions of AMD GPU (Recommended by powercolor, older recommended drivers by AMD users, newest drivers, etc. (all while using DDU and safe mode))

Using power color recommended AMD GPU driver without software

Ryzen High performance and Ryzen balance in power options

Changing Surge protector

Turning off and uninstalling any other program that isn't the games (iCUE, Razer synapse, discord, etc.)

Playing turning off the full screen optimization properties and running as administrator

Emptying cached memory with

Turning off XMP, turning on XMP

Turning off Cool n Quiet

Upgrading BIOS

Overclocking GPU, underclocking GPU, not messing with GPU at all (stock settings)

Checking all my driver updates in Windows

Updating windows version (currently on 1909 Pro)

Turning off firewall

Turning off exploit setting for CFG and also adding both programs to program settings to avoid the 22 system protections

Disabling Game DVR, any windows xbox related software

Disabling CPU Core 0 for application, setting priority to high

Disabling ULPS

Changing PCIE slot to 4/3/auto in BIOS (none worked, although the newest BIOS said it fixed it for auto anyway)

Among small other things that I probably can't list.


I think I've tried about almost everything to fix the micro stutters but I cannot fix this. If anyone out there would be so kind to share with me their knowledge to fix this, I would greatly appreciate it. The last thing I can think of is doing a clean install of an older windows 10 version and see if that helps but I'm out of ideas completely.


Thank you to whoever took the time to read this!