Game breaking issue FIFA 20 on RX 480

Discussion created by soon11 on Jan 19, 2020
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Frequently massive stuttering or visible stuttering most of the time with no fps drops regardless of settings


Have tested 19.9.2, 19.12.1, 20.1.2, both exhibit stuttering regardless of settings, both for driver settings or game settings.


Rolled back to 19.8.2, the only settings to play this game without frequently noticeable (sometimes massive) stuttering is playing with the settings as follow.


In game profile setting in the Radeon setting, set vsync to enhanced sync, set Frame rate Target to 60 fps, I also enabled anti lag.


In game setting, I set graphics settings to ultra (this setting doesn't affect game performance, since gpu is powerful enough), MSAA on auto, lock to 60 fps, and full screen mode.


FIFA 20 default api is dx12, however even with those settings, FIFA 20 with dx 12 play like s**t, (pardon the language, I spent two holidays trying to figure this out)


In order to force FIFA 20 to use dx 11. I have to change the fifasetup.ini under user/ documents/ FIFA 20.


Change DIRECTX_SELECT = 1, save the file, and change the file to read only (under general tab in file properties ).


This allows me to have a smooth gameplay.


Important thing to know, I've used rtss to force 60 fps on the newer Radeon drivers without FRTC. It simply doesn't work.


Please fix FIFA 20 in future driver, and please acknowledge the existence of this problem in release notes.


This is a game breaking issue, I have gtx 1060 that doesn't have this issue.
Turning on v sync in Nvidia control panel for the game allows buttery smooth performance.


Please please fix this issue.
If it requires FRTC, why not bring it back?


Multiple Radeon gpus owner here. (5770, 7970,7870, Rx 270x, Rx 480)
If it doesn't get fix in near future, I probably stay away from AMD gpu in the future, since I'm a avid FIFA fan and Nvidia provides more than gameplay experience, i.e. tensorflow support on Windows.


Important note, stuttering doesn't appear on other games, (tested on Forza horizon 4, regardless of driver version)


Full system specs:

CPU: i7 6700k

Motherboard: Gigabyte z170x gaming 5, F22f

RAM: Hyperx 16 GB DDR4 2400mhz

GPU: RX 480 nitro+ 8GB

Power supply: EVGA 750w G2 gold

OS : windows 10 64bit build 1909


Update 1:

Tested on the latest radeon driver 20.1.3., this time with full screen optimization disabled (under compatibility), and used RTSS to cap the frame rate to 60 fps, enhanced sync enabled for FIFA 20, it improves a lot, but stuttering still there sometimes, and sometimes stutters badly, I noticed when it stutters, the GPU utilization drops to 0% in game (shown in radeon overlay in game). Not sure if this is a driver related issue or Windows 10 problem. (I have tried with windows game mode disabled before, didn't work.)


Update 2:

Upon further testing, frequent stuttering is still there. reverted back to 19.8.2 driver, currently using RTSS to cap the frame rate at 60 instead of FRTC (since it provides better input latency and frame time, according to sources online somewhere). A lot better than newer version of driver for FIFA 20. Definitely driver related issue there. Please take a look AMD.


Update 3 provided in discussion below.

Conclusion, even with free sync monitor, 100% issue-free, smooth 60fps in game like FIFA 20 is not guaranteed.