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Disable ReLive in Adrenalin 2020

Question asked by nonnominandus on Jan 15, 2020
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As I use Inkscape a lot to make drawings I am very accustomed to my hotkeys. After the new update of the AMD drivers (which where needed for my 3 monitors to behave) the AMD software now 'steals' my hotkeys for my drawing in Inkscape. I found that these hotkeys where the same as in previous version used in ReLive but I could not find any way to prevent the AMD software from interrupting my work.

I would be happy if anybody knows a way to disable or change the hotkeys of ReLive.

Thanks in advance!


For the specifics: I am using Radeon Software 19.12.2 on a RX 570. The hotkeys that are in my way are the Ctrl + Shift family (e, g, s and maybe more but I don't use them that often), which launch screenshot optio.ns from AMD (for which I have my own hotkeys so I don't need these).