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What's the hell! I can't render particles on Mac OS RPR

Question asked by irz on Jan 12, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2020 by arozghon

OS: Mac os 10.15.2

Blender 2.81a

RPR 2.2.1, just Metal 2

RX 5700 XT


See file attachment.

1. While working with simple particles (hair emitter without child simple/interpolation) the render so slooooooow that I  render something for Hollywood but not, it just simple scene!

2. When I check "child interpolation" in the children setting and set smth more than 150 for render amount my system freeze! And than restarted after ~5-9 min !!!


BTW, the same behaviour with RPR in Cinema 4D. See this post: Cinema 4d r21.115 Pro Render freeze & crash on 10.15.2 with 5700 XT 


What's the hell is that? Buffer overflow? Dead card? Dead drivers? Dead mac os? Dead AMD? This RPR absolutely not for work.