Molten Monolith Mk 3

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Updated for Ryzen 3900X


Hello all.  This is a continued update of my Monolith build.  The original Monolith chronicled my update to Ryzen 7 from an FX-8350 based build and can be found here.  Monolith


After being inspired by other users on this site, I modded my ABS Canyon 695 (Rebadged Lian-Li TYR PC-X2000) to allow for my first custom loop.  Those exploits are detailed here.  Molten Monolith


And finally, I updated my system to a more modern case designed for water cooling with the Lian-Li PC-V3000.  That was document here. Molten Monolith Mk 2


Now, my system has been updated as a work/play  machine with a Ryzen 9 3900X update as well as a Radeon VII.




CPURyzen 9 3900X
CoolerCustom Loop
MotherboardASUS Crosshair VII Hero Wifi
MemoryCorsair Dominator Platinum CMD32GX4M4C3200C14C (3200 MHz CL14)
GraphicsRadeon VII
Disc Drive 1Samsung 960 Evo (1TB)
Disc Drive 2Samsung 830 (250GB)
Disc Drive 3{drive3}
PSUCorsair AX1600i
CaseLian-Li PC-V3000
MonitorAcer XF270HU



First, I made some updates to the cooling of the system.  While I left the two radiator (280 + 420mm) in place, I was a bit concerned about how hard 12+ core CPUs can pull the VRMs.  So, I updated to a Crosshair VII Hero from ASUS and ordered the EKWB monoblock to cool both the CPU and the VRMs.



To help facilitate both filling and draining, I used the old drill to add a panel mounted fill port to the top of the case.  The case can be inverted and the ball valve turned in order to effectively drain the system.



The Radeon VII has been a solid GPU.  Not only is it great for Fourier transforms and other FP64 related work, it games pretty well too.


I had noticed with my card, that the voltage was set at 1102mv right out of the box to achieve the 1800MHz boost clock.  I was able to raise this clock to 2025 MHz without even touching the voltage.  These cards were definitely overvolted at factory settings, likely to ensure that all samples would hit 1800 MHz.  Due to the rapid nature of the launch, they aren't very well optimized and benefit from manual tweaking.




RAM is incredibly easy to overclock on Ryzen 3000 based systems.  Currently, I have my 4x8GB kit running at 3600MHz CL16 with a matched infinity fabric and NorthBridge.  I think I can probably get these timings a bit lower with a bigger time investment.



User benchmark score for the system in the current config.  Very happy with the performance overall.




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