Driver update notifications with the HD7970

Discussion created by skysurf76 on Aug 1, 2019
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I have a HD 7970, and for starters your task bar program starts spamming "there is an update" literally every 3 seconds.  No matter what I did it would keep popping up every 3 seconds.  I click on it and nothing happens.  I then finally get to a point where I'm ready to update and open the program to update and nothing happens.  I figure I'll reboot.  I start it again.  3 minutes later the window to update appears.  I click update.  I have been sitting here for FIFTEEN MINUTES while my C drive and CPU have been reading near 0 activity.  I feel like you're just making me sit here to make me watch all the ads.



Not good, not good.

I was thinking of making my next build a Ryzen.  If this is how you treat your customers then maybe I'll stick with Intel.


PS... On top of that I go to register for your forums to make this post and when i was registering it wouldn't let me click on the "agree to terms" checkbox.  Finally I click the hyperlink next to it and it lets me finally check the box.  I dunno, maybe put AN ERROR MESSAGE TELLING THE CUSTOMER WHAT THEY NEED TO DO?????  Just a thought.



Now while trying to post this I have to specify a "place" to put it.  HOW ABOUT PUT IT IN THE SAME DAMN FORUM WHERE I CLICKED "NEW POST"??????


Only website I've ever seen that's worse is Texas Instruments.