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Asus ROG Crosshair Hero VII, Ryzen 2700x, Corsair Vengeance RGB (Pro) 3200 4x16GB Memtest86 failures.

Question asked by colesdav on Mar 14, 2019
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Does anyone on this forum have experience with a system with the following setup?


Motherboard: Asus ROG Crosshair Hero VII (Wifi).
CPU : Ryzen 2700x.
RAM : Corsair Vengeance RGB 3200 4x16GB
          Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 3200 4x16GB
PSU = Corsair AX1600i 


Complete Build information here: 

I am consistently getting Memtest86 failures with some modules in the Corsair Vengeance RGB  3200 4x16GB kit
In that case one 16GB RAM module of four failed Memtest86 and I had to RMA the entire kit.

That kit was selected using Corsair RAM Selector for the motherboard. 


The replacement kit = Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 3200 4x16GB.

Corsair sent me the newer version (PRO) as the original kit is older and out of stock. The spec is 'identical' the changes are to the RAM style and the RGB's are individually addressable. 

In that case three of 4 RAM sticks failed Memtest86 and I have been asked to RMA the RAM back to Corsair again.  

I tested at default bios settings and clock speeds using ASUS original BIOS on the motherboard:

Version 08042018/07/208.11 MBytes


I also flashed the motherboard BIOS to the latest available BIOS: 

Version 1201
2019/01/048.44 MBytes

Memtest 86 Test results are the same. 


I have the following questions: 



1. Should I have to make changes to the Ram Timings in BIOS to help get this RAM to pass Memtest86?
2. Does anyone know if AMD X470 motherboards support a wide range of DDR4 RAM or is there only a small subset of RAM sticks that work with confidence in reality?
3. Is it possible to populate an X470 motherboard with 64GB at 3200 MHz?

4. What level of confidence can I have that Ram Manufacturers actually test their RAM to run with Ryzen 2700x on X470 motherboards at rated speed? 


In the first case where 1 of 4 sticks in a kit fail I could possibly put that down to bad luck. 
In second case with RMA replacement RAM where 3 of 4 modules fail Memtest86 this indicates to me a Quality Assurance issue or a lack of compatibility with X470 motherboards / lack of testing generally.   

Please note I tested the motherboard and system extensively. I tested working sticks pass in all RAM slots.
I tested failing sticks in primary RAM slot and various other RAM slots. 
I downloaded and cut two different Memtest86 USB sticks, just in case something was wrong with the Memtest86 installation / USB.