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radeon RX560x

Question asked by santosh_khaleja on Aug 23, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2019 by kingfish

why amd is not giving any updates to using acer nitro 5 with rx560x graphic card.even though the graphic is capable of running all the games at 1080 some games like watch dogs 2,asssasins creed origins,forza horizon 3 are not at all playable this problem is bcz of amd radeon not giving supportive drivers to rx560x even the radeon official site doest have any drivers showing..the current lastest driver used by the rx560x is released on april thats all after that no updates.what F is amd doing..Most importantly the photoshop is not using graphic card rx560x it saying no campatable drivers every time i run photoshop 2018 with rx560x blurred radom line are appering..photoshop only working fine with ryzen 5 processor..I request amd to release driver updates as quick as possible i'm suffering bcz of radeon  negligence..i paid all my money for this laptop to work