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19.1.1... part 2? was released today, still stuck in the "new update notification loop"

Question asked by toounskilled on Jan 21, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2019 by goodplay

Now 19.1.1 is asking to update to 19.1.1


Which is annoying as all hell, why would they keep the same number?

And why is this the second time this issue is listed as fixed but isn't actually fixed?


Seriously, props for the work you do and everything, but this mistake is ridiculously silly and I find it hard to believe it's so hard to tackle that it's taken this long.

Kind of giving a bad image, you know?


Sorry if I'm salty


Btw, trying to update through Radeon Settings does nothing, except crash it sometimes.

Running DDU and then downloading the drivers from your website dated 21/1/2019 and installing them, brings me back to where I started, update notification.