Reminder: Compact your email folders occasionally to save space

Discussion created by black_zion on Jan 17, 2019
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Well yes it's not AMD related, but let's play Seven Degrees Of Separation to get there:


1) Compacting your email folders can save a lot of space.

2) Increasing the free space on a solid state drive improves performance.

3) Increasing a drive's performance results in faster Windows operation.

4) Windows 10 requires much free space for OS upgrades.

5) Windows 10 To Reserve (at least) 7GB Storage Starting Next Build

6) New Windows builds introduce new features, including features which increase performance on AMD CPUs, such as the 2990WX.

7) AMD Comments on Threadripper 2990WX Scheduling Issues


There, I've connected it.


So now, today I realized that after all this time, I had not set my email trash folder to delete messages after a certain date and not to compact automatically. So I changed them, and I got this prompt...amazing how much space 10,112 emails take up.