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    Ryzen 2700x reboot and temps



      Just finished building my new pc with 16 gb a-data ram (tested ok) Asus prime b350m-a (latest bios update), Asus rog strix rx 480 (tested ok). Ryzen 2700x(no oc, not my type) . Using windows 10 with latest updates and drivers.

      With stock cooler I get 48-55 Temps in idle, if try to play nfs payback it hits 78-80! Under stress test it goes over 88. Ryzen master shows Temps lower with 10 degrees. I replaced the stock cooler with Leto pro black. Temps now are lower Under stres test it hits max 82/83 but I get reboot after 10-15 min. Even if I play fortnite for 5 minutes and the Temps don't go over 65-70 I still get forced reboot. No bsod . Nothing. I don't know what to do next... Also all Temps are with case open. I have 4 extra fans on my case. Any one please tell me what to do or what is the cause of this ?

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          Hi alingheaja


          The AMD Support Forums are full of cases similar to yours, referring to freezes and incoherent temperatures, in some cases it seems that the last update of AGESA (BIOS 4207) has helped to obtain stability for ASUS motherboards with Ryzen 2000X-series ... but this is not the case, if you has successfully completed your custom PC build and all the software is updated to the latest versions then I advice you replace or refund your motherboard by B450 chipset, you should enjoy from the first start of the system without suffering instability after almost 2 years of Ryzen released to the market .... in other words: there are a lot of 1st-gen garbage motherboards for Ryzen in the current market.


          Please let us know your experience



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            The thermal junction point of Ryzen gen 1 is 70c if you hit that the system should force reboot to protect it's self.

            If your seriously hitting those temps there could be a number of things wrong with your built.

            You could have bad cable management resulting in bad airflow, you could be storing your pc in a bad location where it hasn't got alot of air room,

            You could have WAY to much thermal paste on your cpu.

            If your cpu is running at stock settings and the load line calibration setting is at default or low it shouldn't be overvolted which is what drastically raises the temps.

            As I said earlier if you hit 70c the system should hang or reboot without a blue screen of death, and if your running stock settings those temps are WAY to high for stock settings so I am quite curious how your computer is built especially since your saying you play a game for 5 minutes.

            My other guess is your cooler isn't clamped down correctly ether or you may not have removed a plastic sticker from the bottom of the cooler if their is one there.


            Please let me know how you get on.

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                All the cables are under the motherboard, back pannel. Thermal paste ... Well I usually put a drop on the middle. Should I try other ways to apply?

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                  i had one ram removed only 8. i tested them last night and they are ok.

                  PSU is a "900w keep out" or what ever brand it is. i had no problems with it.

                  the forced reboots i get only happen since i replaced the stock cooler. lower temps but reboot.

                  second print screen is after stress testing the cpu for a couple of minutes. and first one is first start after one day (cold boot).

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                        Dear alingheaja,


                        I suggest you to change your psu with a reliable one from a well known brand.

                        Believe me many problems can start from an unreliable psu.

                        Your psu costs in my country 60 euros and it is 900W.

                        I changed my old Cooler Master 600W Bronze 80+ (it cost me 90 euros before 8 years)

                        with a Seasonic 1000W Focus Gold 80+ and cost me on Black Friday sales 150 euros (10 years warranty like giving 15euros/year lol).

                        Do not wrongly think that with this price difference someone just pays the brand sticker.

                        You have already paid a lot for cpu, ram, gpu etc, invest on a good psu because even if your current problem is not solved, you will be sure that no other problem can be caused from it. You must know that bad psus can cause fatal damages to a system.


                        Wish you Happy New Year 2019!!

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                            My psu fan was stuck for some reason. I cleaned it up and got it working fine. No more reboots. Also I did change the thermal paste and tighten the cpu heatsink.. On idle I have 38/55 degrees. În games its very strange. When a game starts loading temperature jumps to 70/75 then I hear the fans start spinning and it gets cooled down. During gameplay it sits between 55/68. Should I be worried about the Temps that jump so fast in just one second? I never had this kind of cpu. I did read some blogs that 2700x is a little hot and it's normal cause that the way it operates.

                            (also all temps are the ones higher detected with hwinfo, on ryzen master they are lower by 10 degrees .)