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    Amd Threadripper 2990Wx for Vray/Server




      I am not an expert in hardware - so sry for this stupid questions.
      I will use the workstation for rendering (Vray) - Nvidia Rtx 2080 Ti or Nvidia Gtx 1080 Ti; 64-128 GB RAM; having the possibility to add another graphic card.

      1) Is there a way to use more than one AMD Threadripper for a single workstation? Or would you reccomend me an

      Amd Epyc CPU?

      2) If not: what would be the best price-performance solution for me, using an Amd Epyc
      3) Which Motherboard would you recomend for an AMD Threadripper and which one for an Epyc?

      Best J

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          joes112, this is a user forum and I would recommend you talk to AMD.  Either contact Online Support here or sales here or both.  I am not sure of the sales link, but maybe a place to start.  Good luck and enjoy, John.

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            Hi misterj,


            Threadripper is a single socket only processor, therefore if you are interested in multisocket solutions you would have to use an EPYC powered system. In order to answer your price-performance question, I would suggest that you determine which frequency memory you will use and how important a faster core clock frequency is. As you have suggested the 2080Ti and 1080Ti, understand that these are customer graphics solutions, therefore if you use them with an EPYC system it will be more difficult to receive support.