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High definition audio bus

Question asked by bloodykinggr on Nov 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2019 by jebrossard

PSU : Coolermaster 650W  

GPU: Asus Rx-460 4gb  

OS: Windows 10 latest 1803

Bios: Latest P 7.10

Mobo: Asrock H170M Pro4

Driver: 18.9.3

Ram: 16gb DRR4

CPU: Intel i5-6500


Yesterday i update my drivers to the latest recommended 18.9.3, i was on 19.9.2 and problem came up. Seems like a bug to me but every time i restart the pc or booting from shutdown

i see that a driver high definition audio bus keeps instailling automatically. Sometimes windows pops up a message that i have to restart the pc in order to install the driver. No problem with 19.9.2. Found a threat that this is happening also in 18.10... version. Haven't tried the latest 19.11.1. I don't have any problem with the audio. I'm using the motherbord sound card so i don't know if there is problem using HDMI audio output.Thank you