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Random black screens in games with Vega64 + CF791

Question asked by wechhe on Nov 16, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2019 by solved

Hi guys,


There are already a couple of Threads but amdmatt asked me to open a new discussion (see VEGA 64 + XG 2730 + Freesync = Random Black Screens ) Re: CF791 Freesync black screen via DP


I am experiencing random black screens when playing games. Those black screens seem to be random and sometimes happen numerous times within one hour and sometimes I can play for 3 hours straight without one black screen. The black screens look like a short signal loss. The monitor goes black , then the backlight goes on (without picture), then off again and then the picture is back.


Games where it happens:

World of Warcraft


Battlefield 5



Games where it not happens:

Battlefield 1


My setup:

Vega 64 Liquid Cooled

Samsung 34CF791 connected via HDMI 2.0. (I tried different cables)

currently using Adrenalin 18.11.1, the issue happened with all 18.x drivers though.


However - those black screens are annoying as hell, especially when playing a fast shooter like Overwatch or Battlefield 5.