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      Whenever I play a game in windowed mode, 60hz and 75hz, even though I am recieving 60 fps or above, if I look at lets say a populated area or get into a intense gunfight, my fps looks like it dropped to 30 even though I am still recieving 60! This is not a problem in Fullscreen or Borderless, and Ive tried multiple OS's.Also, when I lower the resolution, I no longer have this problem, and things like google chrome and the os itself are not as choppy animation wise.



      GPU: Radeon RX480 (4gb GDDR5)

      CPU: I5 6500 (Not Unlocked)

      Monitor: HP Pavilion f1703 (60,75HZ)

      RAM: 16GB, DDR4

      MOBO: (H110M-PRO-VD-PLUS)

      [Need anything else lmk]