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    XFX RX580 intermittent blackscreen in game FIXED


      So I have a XFX GTS Black Core Edition Radeon RX 580 and I've been getting intermittent blackscreen since as long as I can remember:

      Here are three videos to demonstrate what I am talking about:




      The AMD driver version in those three videos are 18.9.2.



      I have also downgraded to 18.5.1, an older version of the driver, hoping it would provide a more stable performance. It however did not fix the issue:






      BUT, Today I discovered this comment on the linus forums, and so I tried it out and IT WORKED! No more blackscreen!


      To recap the steps in Wattaman:

      pushing the power limit up to +50%, increasing the fan RPMs and Lowering the temp target, as well as Undervolting the VRAM from 950mv to 900mv and lowering the Core voltage to 1137mv instead of 1150mv

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          I've been fighting with this for months as well. I used the lower temp target solution before but found that it really dropped the power of the card. I played around and found that -6% on the frequency is enough to keep it stable at extremely high settings without touching any other settings. However, even at that, when it's running at a stable ~1320Mhz it's STILL slower than an RX480 running at 1280 Mhz. This is the first and last time I buy anything from XFX.

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              Yeah this is great you found a solution, but it's really laughable that you have to drop the performance of your card at ALL to get it to work properly. I will stay away from these cards as well. Honestly though, it would be nice of you to do your part and at least get the situation communicated to the manufacturer to get their eyes on it so maybe they can release a fix for it.

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                  I have been working with them to try to find some solution and it's been RMAed once already. The main problem is they probably just drop it into a test rig and run furmark or whatever, and I can't get the problem to happen in any benchmarking software, only in real games. I get the feeling that memory usage is part of the problem since the issue appears more at higher quality levels. If I can keep a game under ~2.5GB of gpu memory the problem becomes very rare, above 3GB it starts happening more frequently. Most benchmarking software only test one part at a time which may be why they don't show the problem.