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    unknown q-codes for prime x399-a + 2950x c0 and e6


      Today I combine my fresh and new stuff: asus prime x399-a motherboard, amd threadripper 2950x and

      corsair memory (cmk32gx4m4b3266c16).


      At first I run motherboard + cpu only without memory,

      motherboard blinked constantly with rgb leds, fan rotated

      and q-code show c0, but there is no such q-code in manual.


      I install memory and it showed code e6, there is such q-code

      in manul, but it is reserved for future use.


      I install radeon rx560 into the first pci-e slot and there is no

      picture on montior, code is the same e6.


      Is this code shows that something wrong with CPU?


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