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Is Freesync no longer supported for Samsung CF791?

Question asked by ciscoh on Apr 1, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2018 by wechhe

So I bought my Vega 64 and Samsung CF791 monitor in the deals when they were first launched.

Since 18.1.1, it seems I lost Freesync when using a Displayport cable (tried numerous cables, same result with each). I then moved onto HDMI. At this time I changed to a Vega 64 LC. Then since 18.2 roughly, It seems I have lost Freesync all together.

It's definitely a software issue as reinstalling 18.1.1 gives me nice smooth Freesync game play.

At the moment I get ''less'' tearing using HDMI, and unbearable tearing with Display port.

If it's no longer being supported, why would AMD market this monitor with the launch of Vega?

To confirm: Freesync Ultimate Engine is enabled on the monitor. Freesync is ''ON'' on Radeon Settings. I've experimented with Chill and FRTC, but these remain off. I've experimented with individual game profiles with AMD optimized Freesync and Freesync ON.