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    Update windows drivers AMD Vega 56/64 - Bootcamp


      I have a iMac Pro with a graphic card AMD Vega 56. I have to work with windows 10 (bootcamp) because I do 3D work on this machine and really have some issues like crashes and I think it are the drivers of my graphic card. The drivers are from 2017 (version 17.50) . When I go to your AMD website for the latest drivers of the normal Windows 10 they are on version 18.9.1. A lot higher and more developed...


      Why are the drivers for bootcamp not updated? Please update the drivers at AMD or Apple. A lot of people choose this machine for graphic work and don't wat to stay behind


      My drivers for this card are:


      Driver Packaging Version 17.50.24-180213a-324589C. This is the original version that comes with bootcamp installation


      PS. Strange thing happend at AMD. I saw at AMD they changed a few days ago the date for version 17.50 from 11-2017 to 09-11-2018...is this the way AMD?

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          Release of drivers for Bootcamp is controlled by Apple. If you are dissatisfied with the time table in which they are making driver updates available for their product you should let Apple know. These forums are USER to USER forums only, not AMD employees so none of us can help with driver updates beyond advice on how to install existing drivers with mostly Windows based setups, excluding MAC. Apple provides their own support for Bootcamp. If you need to contact AMD you can do that from the contact page on the main AMD website.

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            Apple have to request a driver update from AMD before AMD go about testing a newer version for Macs.


            If enough people complain to Apple then they will request another driver update if it is unusable for you.


            There is an unofficial route also at www.bootcampdrivers.com which is the website I run.

            18.8.2 works well on Vega 64 but doesn't work at all on Vega 56. The last working version WAS 18.5.2 until the latest Windows update broke it.

            Now a workaround method for 18.3.4 is the last known working version for Vega 56.

            18.9.1 has not been tested yet for iMac Pro though I will be releasing Alpha status drivers in my forum for willing volunteers to test today.