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    set default graphics


      I have an RX 560 and an A8-7560K R7.
      In the menu, there is no "switchable graphics tab" and I can't seem to find the additional settings button either.


      Temporarily I am required to use the A8's graphics alongside with the RX 560's but any time I run a game, it defaults to the A8's GPU, though I need it to use the RX 560.


      Radeon Settings Version 2018.0911.1425.25970

      Driver Packaging Version

      2D Driver Version

      Direct3D® Version

      AMD Mantle Version

      Vulkan™ Driver Version 2.0.49

      Vulkan™ API Version 1.1.77

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          There is no switchable/dual graphics with that combo, connect the monitor to the 560(check mobo bios settings).  

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            Need to configure your Motherboard's BIOS to use the PCIe GPU instead of the integrated Graphics of the APU.


            Normally, when you install a Discrete GPU card with an Integrated GPU, the BIOS changes to the GPU card. But need to double check to be sure BIOS is booting up with GPU card and not the Integrated GPU.


            If you have your no video output coming from the Discrete GPU card to your monitor but have video output connected to the Motherboard's video output than indicates the Integrated graphics is being used as the primary GPU.


            Also in Radeon Settings you can use Game Profiles to let the Motherboard know which GPU to use for which game.