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Thread stuck in device driver

Question asked by avik.09 on Sep 7, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2018 by avik.09

Sys Info:

hp 15 pavilion notebook pc

intel core i3 @2.4 ghz

bios:insyde F.28

Amd radeon hd8670m-2gb

software-adrenaline 18.5.1

win 10 64bit(4 gb ram)

Started as a crash while playing fifa15. Then, after a few days it got to TDR FAILURE and finally after another week, system started the THREAD STUCK IN A DEVICE DRIVER error.

System constantly restarted and failed to start windows. so, did a complete recovery to factory settings but, still the problem persisted.

so ran sfc and dism twice(no violations found)

uninstalled the  amd software from control panel and also from device manager(checking the box)

ran amd uninstall tool and DDU in safe mode

downloaded adrenaline 18.5.1 and started install process and everytime system crashes in the middle of the process

i tried disabling the gpu but laptop gets very hot and enabling it, gives error

need my laptop to study