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RX480 wont show monitor on display port

Question asked by smann on Aug 31, 2018

Please use this link from another thread for the screenshots, it is the same issue that I am running into. rx 480 dual monitor no signal on displayport


SPECS: i7 6700K


256 SSD + 1TB HDD



My display port was working a couple months ago, but I have only needed one monitor recently and was using my other for my ps4 which worked. All of the display ports wont allow connection to monitor and HDMI works fine. I have already updated the driver to the newest possible, I have already ran windows updates. Both monitors work via HDMI to my PC and neither work using DP. I just finished my first "battlestation" setup and would like to have the whole thing working properly, but as it stands now that isnt the case.


Please help!