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OK AMD, it's time to do something

Question asked by bubboteam on Aug 1, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2018 by colesdav

from the beginning of the year, from the unhealthy introduction of Adrenaline and all its derivatives AMD seems to have completely abandoned all its support to customers and especially towards systems that are starting to be considered obsolete, even if very expensive, the cryptovalute craze has made lose all the credibility of this company for the gaming component


to give an example, Fortnite, the most played game of the world, THE WORLD!!! is unplayable BY ONE MONTH with the latest update, and after the recent updates from Epic on the game it is clear that the problems all reside by AMD , which in a MONTH has not made any updates to improve the situation forcing its users to downgrade the official update (absurd) to be able to play Fortnite, REALLY??


what serious company would this allow? how many users have lost in just this month AMD ?? only I find resounding and at the limit of legality everything I'm seeing?
useless updates, updates that break pc, gpu, monitor, the only ones that seem to enjoy are users with more recent cards like the Vega, who has the R9 is simply cut out at the time, this situation is unacceptable and I'm really fed up with having to Once I have studied the problems THAT THEY CAN NOT RESOLVE


I'm tired of compiling detailed reports that are not readily resolved with each update
the question is this, everything worked before November-January, when they started to introduce new software, it is clear this thing because everything worked perfectly and problems like that in 3 years I had never seen, of course, sometimes happens to problem but AMD was able in a short time to solve the thing, there was more passion and support for the component and users of gaming


sorry for the outburst but I'm really fed up, never again AMD
I see my friends who have nvidia have a much faster and stable support, I see my friends who have chosen Nvidia have no problem with Desktop, Mouse, Monitor etc. NADA DE NADA



I'm tired amd


almost all of these problems have been going on for almost 9 months, and no more excuses are allowed, if after this update some problems are not solved I will be forced to change and continue to make bad publicity about your service