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Rx vega can't go over core pstate 3

Question asked by the_slayer on May 1, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2018 by colesdav

Hi there. I'm honestly tired by all this, since october that I have my system, I am never been satisfied by it. How could I do it if the gpu has rarely ever gone above core pstate 3 thus resulting in embarassing performance?

I really have tried everything, every driver, every setting, but I have never been able to decently play on this machine. I have likely never seen on the gpu more than 4/8 leds on, maybe sometimes only in GTA V. If it is not enough, a lot of times it just goes to 4 leds on without any application opened, not even any folder nor any background task except for radeon settings itself.

I also have strafed their report forms for hundreds of problems but it seems they really don't even read it since no one of all my problems has ever been solved.

I am talking about freesync that's never worked in ANY game, Chill only working on GTA V some rare times (along with pstate leds), brightness flickerings, radeon settings continuos crashes. I'm honestly bored of all this situation. Here you can see the pstate behaviour in action where it is always stuck on 4 leds powered on (core pstate 3), I just took a screenshot from this game because the overlay does not work in the other games as it freezes the screen (strange uh?), and also because it's the only playable game because even with low power it can exceed 144fps, but it's still a tearing mess so not completely playable anyway.

I hope someone at AMD can at least ACKNOWLEDGE all those bugs and tell something, otherwise since I can't play in any way I will be forced to switch over NVidia, I won't pay a g-sync monitor and have tearing but hey, here freesync does not work too, so not that much of a problem

amdmatt maybe you could read through this please?

Thanks, sorry for the heavy words but I'm heavily frustrated too.

Also please patch that black space in the overlay, it's just ridiculous.


Reference Rx vega 56

Ryzen 5 1600

Asrock ab350 pro4

Gskill 2x8gb 2666mhz

Corsait tx 750m