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    Bugs report for Adrenalin drivers 18.7.1


      The recent version of Adrenalin drivers have 2 problems:

      1. White flashes (luckily not so frequently) while watching videos with chrome in twitch.com and youtube. Sometimes rare crashes with twitch.com (10 sec block of browser and a green screen of the playing video. Refresh the page restore it)


      2. Wattman problems with fans: if playing for a long time with the graphic card's fan spinning at high speed and than closing the game, wattman don't bring the fan to lower speed and remains stuck even if the temperatures are already low. As temporary fix is sufficient to change random values in wattman, press Apply and the fans return to follow the normal functionality.



      Graphic card: asus rog strix rx 570

      Monitor: aoc g2460v (freesync + enhanced sync enabled)


      Any way to fix these problems or I have to wait for new drivers? Thanks


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