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MSI RX 480 Gaming 4 GB - Black Screen when game starts

Question asked by themanfromearth91 on Jul 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2018 by themanfromearth91


Desktop: HP Pro 3500

Processor: Intel core i5-3470 3rd Gen

Power Supply: MasterWatt Lite 500W (brand new)

MSI-RX-480-GAMING-4G (8 pin connected) (Used)

- Connected with HDMI to HDMI (Philips TV) ((Works fine with Gaming laptop over HDMI))


Fresh Installed Win 10 Pro



- Always uninstalling and reinstalling drivers always with either amdcleanuputility.exe or DDU in safe mode

- Latest drivers for everything, except Win 10

- Auto Windows update disabled


1.Tried various drivers, all with error:

Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)


Tested drivers:

- 16.7.1-july6

- 16.9.2

- 17.4.4-may3 driver

- 18.7.1-July19

- latest driver from - 18.2.3


2. Rollback to Driver 16.11.3-nov8

Driver install and radeon/AMD app works fine now


But now PC Crash/No screen 2-3 seconds after running any 3D test:

-- I did one test with setting Mhz from 1305 to 1266, no difference

-- Logs see below


3. Now I did run the Auto-Detect from AMD which installed driver 18.5.1

At the same time, I found out about this tools which seems to have made it work:


atikmdag patcher


4. But now back to the black screen problem.


With two games in WINDOW mode and low resolution (1600x), it works with at least 30 mins play-time tested:


- League of Legends

- PES 2018


Full-Screen/1080P with PES 2018, crashes as soon as the match starts (when 3D kicks in).

You can still hear sound though.


Any other 3D game, crash as well


Also to note, the OCCT-App 3D test works now with latest driver in fullscreen without crash (tested for 3 minutes, with older driver it crashed in 2-3 seconds)


5. Troubleshooting: Setting Limits in Global Wattman

I picked what users reported here:


Temp max: 80

Target: 45


State 4: 1145

State 5: 1190

State 6: 1235

State 7: 1265


Scaling mode is set to: Full Panel (no change)


No change..


5.2 Logs (4 sheets):

- 5th and 4th run are from today with latest driver

- The other two from yesterday with the old driver


6. What next:


6. Test BF1 without full-screen and lower resolution, might be power related if it only crashes in full-hd & full-screen?


6.1 I might try again one older driver with the atikmdag-patcher again.


6.2 I am updating Windows 10 right now.


6.3 Windows itself is downloading a PCIe driver, right now

Realtek driver update for Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller


6.4 I might give DriverBooster a try if above doesn't help


6.5 I am testing later with another TV


6.6 Try with DisplayPort/HDMI Instead of HDMI/HDMI


Any help appreciated, especially if you can see anything wrong in the logs.