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    RX 480 Screen blacking out.


      I'm not sure if this is the card or the monitor doing this.


      Card: MSI Radeon RX 480 Gaming 4G

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      Driver: 18.6.1 (as well as previous)


      Monitor: LG 43UD79-B

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      Okay, I noticed once before when I switched the monitor off, that I would get no signal when switching it back on.  but I wasn't sure if that was a one-off thing.


      Then recently I built an ITX rig in my Corsair 380T, and had been running split screen 1920x2160 with both it and my main rig side by side on the screen.


      When switching back to 3840x2160 on my main rig with the RX 480, it goes to no signal.  I also noticed this can happen in reverse when going into split screen as well.


      Is this the card, driver, or monitor?


      The only cure I have found is to press the power button on my main rig for an orderly shutdown, or when that hangs, the full five second forced power off.  Apparently, CTRL-ALT-DEL->DOWN->DOWN->ENTER to log out doesn't reset the driver, and things still remain no signal.

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          Have you tried a different driver? That's one way to rule one possibility out. (If possible) have you tried different ports on the back of the card? Different monitor? Different cable?

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              Yeah, it operates the same on the HDMI as it does on the DisplayPort.


              One thing could be the fact that mode switching on this monitor tends to be slow, but at the same time, it comes up proper initially, so I'd tend to think that can't be the problem.


              I do know that this was doing this on the previous driver as well.


              It also seems to happen if I turn the monitor off (soft off), even when operating fullscreen.


              Last week, I did find that if I switched back to full screen from split screen in a certain order, it wouldn't happen.  Again making me think it could be the monitor, or the timings of the mode switching of the monitor.


              Could it be that the driver has a short timeout for monitor mode switching, and if the monitor hasn't responded within a certain time frame that the driver will switch off output?  I have read others in reviews saying that the mode switching time with this monitor is a bit excessive.


              I'll try some older drivers, I guess.

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              reverse OC
              try different cables and different ports on GPU
              use latest driver (also try 2-3 older versions)

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                  I did an update check last night before Tyler's stream, and found that I am running the latest (18.6.1), but that there is an "optional" update available (18.7.1), I'll try that later, but I don't anticipate any benefit.


                  As for cables, I am limited to the DisplayPort cable that came with the monitor, but have several HDMI, and have tried them all.


                  I still think it has to do with the slow mode switching on this monitor.

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                  Hmmm... Was just going through the release notes on 18.7.1....  downloading now.  a couple of those could apply to this problem.

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                    It looks like this problem is fixed in 18.7.1.

                    Use safe mode DDU (twice for good measure).

                    Installed 18.7.1.



                    once up, turned off the monitor using it's remote control.  heard the device disconnected sound.

                    turned on the monitor using the remote control.  heard the device connected sound.  display returned.

                    problem #1 solved.


                    configured split screen (hdmi3 / displayport), main system on the displayport, new i7-8086K build in the Corsair 380T on HDMI3.

                    main system did not black out, as it was doing before driver upgrade.

                    booted the 380T.

                    shut down the 380T.

                    configured displayport (main system) for fullscreen.

                    display did not black out.

                    problem #2 solved.


                    tentatively, i'll call this fixed with the current "optional" driver 18.7.1.


                    For reference:

                    Full screen resolution: 3840x2160

                    Split screen resolution: 1920x2160 (x2 inputs)