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Thinkpad with AMD RX550 Code 43 Error

Question asked by bruceketter on Jul 18, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2019 by jean_frossard

Hello dear people,

i have a pretty new Thinkpad E480 with an AMD RX550 and tried Fortnite today. I got a completely choppy experience on the lowest settings and was wondering what was wrong. So i checked my Device Manager and it had a yellow warning sign next to the AMD driver (so i'm guessing the thinkpad used the onboard grafic for the game, hence the bad experience)
when i right click the driver it says Error Code 43 (Device has been stopped, because an error occured)

I tried to install the newest driver from various sources (Lenovo, AMD, DriverBooster, Windows itsel). None of them gave me an error while installing, except for windows which gave me the same Code 43, but afterwards the code 43 was still there.

While installing those drivers i also used amd clean uninstall to get rid of the old one beforehand

When trying to access the radeon setting it tells me that I should try again after connecting a AMD GPU

I saw another thread here with a simliar issue who said he fixed it by "just flashing the rx 560 to the original gpu bios" but i have no idea what that means to be honest.


I am not a huge techie, and i really want this new thinkpad to work the way it should

Thanks in advance for any help


Other specs: Windows 10 64 Bit

Intel Core i5-8250U

16GB Ram


PS: all the error messages were translated from german, so they might be worded a bit differently than usual