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Computer is not booting up after Windows update

Question asked by miskalo on Jun 14, 2018
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After yesterday's Windows update my computer started having problems with displaying games and youtube videos (red pixels, then grey screen after which I had to restart the computer) so I decided to istall the newest graphics card drivers and the problem was solved. But the next day morning I couldn't start the computer. All the fans are running and I can hear the hard drive is working but the screen is completely black, there's no signal and the LED light on the monitor is orange. The mouse and the keyboard aren't working either (the lights are off). I'm not sure if the system is booting up or not, but if I click the power button on the computer it goes off immediately. The computer is working normally whenever I disconnect the graphics card and connect the monitor into the motherboard.


Additionally, a friend of mine has been having the same problem for a week now and he owns the same graphics card and the same OS.
I'm assuming it's the graphics card or the motherboard fault but there's no way to find out. My friend is going to try his graphics card on a different computer tomorrow.


I've already tried:
- reseting BIOS
- deleting graphics card drivers
- dusting both the graphics card and the motherboard.


My friend reinstalled Windows as well.




My specs:

OS - Windows 10 Home 64-bit

Motherboard - MSI Z97 PC MATE

Graphics Card - MSI AMD R9 280X

Power supply unit - Thermaltake Smart SE 530W