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    RX Vega 56 Not Reaching Advertised Boost Clock




      I've recently purchased a Sapphire Radeon RX Vega 56 and have noticed that it won't reach the advertised boost clock of 1471 MHz when running either the Balanced or Turbo profiles from within Wattman. The highest clock speed I've seen is 1440 MHz, which while close is still under performing. This maximum clock is repeatable when running both the Heaven and Superposition benchmarks, as well as any 3DMark benchmarks.


      Looking at the card temperatures, I'm seeing the core temperature max out around 70 degrees and the memory temperature around 80 degrees (both Celsius).


      The card does have a lot of coil whine, although is more of a clicking than a whine when under stress, so I'm trying to determine whether this noise plus the inability to reach 1471 MHz is actually a fault or simply expected behaviour.


      Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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          Do you have any third party graphics controls such as, Afterburner, Trixx, Asus, MSI, etc.? These conflict with Wattman settings and controls.

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              I don't have any third party graphics applications installed at all.

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                  Computer power plan set to "high Performance"?

                  In Wattman, do you have the Power Limit set to +50 (or the highest + value...slider all the way to the right)?

                  AMD graphics performance

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                      Over the weekend I followed your advice and tried the benchmarks again with the power plans set to both AMD Ryzen Balanced and High Performance, unfortunately the results were almost identical each time.


                      I also took a look at the clock speeds after playing some games with the Turbo profile activated. What I discovered was the clocks were generally higher than those seen during the benchmark runs and the card is in fact reaching the advertised clock speed, as well as going higher in some instances; I saw a peak of 1493 MHz for some gaming runs. I'm now satisfied that the card is performing as expected although I did expect to see the higher clocks being reached in benchmark runs.


                      I then followed your second tip and set the profile in Wattman to Custom and adjusted the power limit to +50. After doing this I saw benchmark runs hitting clock speeds in the low 1500s pretty consistently.


                      Many thanks.

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                          I know this is an old post but was just browsing the forums because I just bought a new Vega 56 and I was wondering if anyone was actually hitting the boost clocks. I do have a little experience with "overclocking" the newer AMD GPUs since I've had a RX 480 before. I put overclocking in quotes because it's more like, powerlimit management for these cards lol. I see you increased the Powerlimit but you're probably still are hitting that limit. Next thing you can do it start to undervolt the core the lowest amount you can.


                          I have a MSI Radeon Vega 56 Air Boost OC. Boost clock is 1622 but in actually, out of the box, I was hitting 1250 to to 1300. This is higher then the base clock but definitely lower than the boost. Yesterday, I increased the power limit to +50% and undervolted the core - 0.075 and now I'm hitting 1530mhz to 1570mhz depending on gaming and load. That's much better and it's a noticeable difference in framerate. Then you can OC the HBM for even more of a boost, I was able to get 910Mhz, these settings are pretty stable for me, I ran quite a few benches and plays some games for a while.

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                              I found that I rarely hit the advertised stock boost clocks when running benchmarks but would reach them when gaming.


                              Since my original post I've added a watercooler to the card and tweaked my settings. Currently I'm running the following which seems to get me the best results:


                                   Core Clock:          State 6 Freq:     1577          State 6 Voltage:     1060

                                                                State 7 Freq:     1632          State 7 Voltage:     1125

                                   Mem Clock:          State 3 Freq:     930

                                   Voltage Control:     975

                                   Power Limit:          +35%


                              With these settings I'm hitting around 1650 MHz on the core clock in games and around 1630 MHz in benchmarks. Pushing the power limit higher does let the core clock go higher, up around the 1680 MHz, but it's not stable and I haven't been able to find a voltage that it likes to keep it from crashing the driver.