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    AMD : help here with Win 7 installation on 2017 APU-s ?


      I have a question as a long time PC builder on the side that has build and owned many of your cpu based systems....I own your magnificent product Ryzen 5 2400G with a Asus Prime X370-A motherboard and I am enjoying it very much. But I would like to know that if I buy your last years APU-s like for example A10-9700 or A12-9800, could I normally install Windows 7 without getting "this bios is not fully ACPI compliant" error message after installation just before it tries to launch into windows 7 ? Is this a motherboard bios limitation or is it an cpu architectural limitation and would it be avoided by using an A10-9700/A12-9800 APU due to the fact that it is based on the 28nm 2013 architecture from FM2+ era ? my motherboard is updated to the latest BIOS 3805. I still need my old Windows 7 to use because on my faculty we use certain older versions of software that don't work properly in windows 10 and I need them to work. And I would like to know if installing or using windows 7 is possible on your 2017 APU-s mentioned above since they are based on 28nm architecture you launched in 2013 for FM2+ socket. Thank you very much in advance  !

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          According to Asus Support on your motherboard's CPU Compatibility, all those CPU/APUs you mentioned are supported: PRIME X370-A CPU / Memory Support | Motherboards | ASUS USA


          This older thread on AMD Forum might help you with your problem concerning Windows 7 and older CPU/APUs: Does all Ryzen cpu fully support Windows 7 installation and updates?  Copied from the link concerning a Patch to make your CPU/APU work on Windows 7 : Unofficial Patch Unblocks Windows 7 and 8.1 Updates for Kaby Lake, Ryzen


          This link explains AMD position on Windows 7 and Ryzen CPUs: How To Get Ryzen Working on Windows 7 x64


          and this link explains that Microsoft on Windows 7 made the older 6th generation AMD/APU uncompatible: Windows 7 patch block takes out AMD processor | Computerworld


          If noone is able to answer you question here in the AMD Forum, then open a EMAIL SUPPORT ticket with AMD Support and ask them directly here:  Email Form

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            ***Follow this advice at your own risk, I am just a novice overclocker/tweaker sharing my experience. There are many other guides online on how to do this ***


            Yes, it is possible to install Windows 7 on the x370-a with Bristol ridge APU but I would not advise it due to lack of support, i.e. updates. I own the x370-A and R5 1600 and a A6-9600 and have installed and used windows 7 on both for benchmark purposes.The experience was the same for both. I have installed  Win 7 using 2 methods multiple times. It was moderately difficult  to get it to install and work. Before you start make sure to go into BIOS/UEFI, Advanced view, Boot options, Secure boot and change to "Other OS"  save and exit.


            (1)On the product page of the x370-A choose specifications. Then the support tab, next choose the drivers and tools tab. It will ask which OS you want for  BIOS/firmware and drivers. Choose Windows 7 32/64(whichever applies), under the utilities option there is a tool labeled  "ASUS EZ Installer Use this tool V1.03.16 to create a Windows 7 installation file with USB 3.0 drivers preloaded".  Once you created a new USB ISO with this utility it will install "normally" (a lot of different variables can cause issue)

            **look at motherboard manual to find which USB ports are USB 2.0 this is the port needed for install of Win 7 OS


            (2)  ***You will need a PS/2 port keyboard and a another PC that can run Win 7 natively

            1.Install Windows 7 on the system without USB/chipset support (x370-A and APU).

            2.Once install is complete you will be unable to use mouse or keyboard, power down and move this hdd/ssd to another windows 7 compatible system.

            3.Once you are in the compatible Win 7 system you can use mouse and keyboard, download the USB 3.0 drivers and chipset and put these on your desktop.

            4. Move hdd/ssd back to the x370-a and use the PS/2 keyboard and the TAB button to navigate on the desktop.

            5. Run/install drivers and chipset and restart. After restart the machine should be running Windows 7 normally. (after updating you will get constant popups about Win 7 incompatibility with your system)


            As to the "this bios is not fully ACPI compliant" error message. I have not seen this error when I installed Win 7. I have had various other issues during Win 7 installs on Ryzen/Bristol Ridge but none that I was not able to worked around. I did this on BIOS/UEFI 3401 and 3803 not sure about newer BIOS as I am no longer using this PC configuration.

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