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Windows 10 Spring Update + Radeon drivers 18.3.4  = Mega FAIL

Question asked by oomek on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2018 by locodicegr

After upgrading Windows 10 to the latest 1803 version many directx and opengl apps started malfunctioning.

There is a problem with initialising fullscreen The screen blinks 2-3 times before it succeds.

Some apps freeze for 5-10 seconds in the beginning after launching in fullscreen mode.

Some shaders do not render on the screen.

There is a 5sec delay after I exit some apps run in fullscreen.

Freesync is not working.


I’ve tried clean windows install. Same issues.

After installing an Autumn Windows 10 version everything went back to normal.

I’ve tried 2 previous drivers aswell.

Those issues do not happen on my other machine with nvidia card.


Windows 10 x64

Intel i7 cpu

MSI H81i motherboard

Radeon RX 480