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    Blackscreen ryzen 2400g


      Hi, i i ha an assue with driver installation.

      MB: Gigabyte ab350m-ds3h

      Ram: 2x4 Samsung DDR4

      APU: ryzen 5 2400g

      During the installation of the graphics driver, after two flashes, the monitor turns off (no signal).

      Blackscreen, but the system still working.

      Drivers of the chipset and graphics downloaded and installed from the AMD website. as I tried to solve this problem: a clean installation of Windows version 1703, then 1709, a sequential installation of the chipset drivers, then a reboot, then the graphics, also bought another cable to the monitor, but nothing came of it. During the last attempt, I installed a remote access program to check logs / errors, but there are no errors except one: monitor is not in the list of connected devices in the device manager.

      I've tried DVI-D — DVI-D cable and then DVI-D -HDMI.

      Unfortunately, I don't have any HDMI-HDMI devices for testing.

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          I tried all versions of the BIOS from f1 to f22b. in bios also chose forced integrated graphics.

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            Same problem. Did as well. And still the driver for the monitor has put. Updated the BIOS. But I do not have a "no signal". The monitor turns on, but the screen is black. When you restart, Windows either disconnects the driver or hangs on the boot screen without any movement. Also sometimes you see high resolution for a moment. Once again the picture is simply froze.



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              I realized what was happening: the new motherboards, or the Vega driver did not support the old monitors with DVI-D, So I bought an HDMI-VGA adapter and a VGA cable. Everything worked!

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                Omg this might be my solution, will look for a hdmi to vga adapter soon. Is amd working on supporting vga, dvi-d or hdmi tv? so I can used it for multiple screen setup. (Mobo only hv vga dvi-d and hdmi)

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                    This is not the case for me. I have two monitors one in DVI-D and the other in VGA. I have blackscreens on both monitors. Also the system randomly crashes

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                    Ryzen 5 2400G

                    G. Skill FC3200C16-5GVK


                    I have downloaded the latest drivers from AMD 17.40.3701 and i do not see a problem yet. HURAY!!!!!