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Question asked by deusex263 on Feb 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2020 by elmoks214


i tried to overclock my ryzen 5 1600 on a gigabyte GA AB350 GAMING 3 ( last bios )   with ryzen master

i kept the original voltage and set to 3,6 ghz but when restarted it was locked a 3,4 ghz ans impossible to reset the stock parameters ( 3,2 ghz )

it 's impossible to reset my proc to default !!!

when i set it to default in bios and start windows i have always ryzen master parameters ( 3,4 ghz ) !!!!

in ryzen master it's impossible now to set other parameters and when i use the reset options it ask to restart windows

windows restart but nothing happens...ryzen master don't go back to stock settings ( always 3,4 ghz )

i tried a clear CMOS : it doesn't work

i tried to reflash my bios : it doesn't work !

i tried to reinstall windows on an other HD : it doesn't work !

i"m very surprised...RYZEN MASTER IS A BUGGY SOFT

what can i do ? buy another mobo or another PROCESSOR

how can it be possible ?

i advice not to use ryzen master, only overclock by bios !!!