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I may take up Drinking... (AMD APU 2400G reviewers)

Question asked by warsun on Feb 22, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2018 by warsun

Oh My goodness. I can not stand these guys. I suggested,even recommended this. Tell the reviewers to show some test with the new hardware showing how to upgrade the APU an show its performance. This is for people who have an APU an cant afford a graphics card due to the high prices. What do these guys do?


     With the exception of JaysTwoCents The show NO information on how performance increased with setting the GFX Clock Frequency overlay changing it from 660MHz or whatever its base at to 1200MHz or 1500MHz.Which should show Amazing performance that equal to around a GTX 1030 or GTX 1050's performance level. But NOPE!


They instead just ignored it an just ran it at based clock an what really....really makes me sick an disgusted. Is that no one want to see the games Cinebench on these processors or base test for file compression! THIS IS FOR GAMING! People want to see if they can get 60fps in game! No! NO! They instead show ultra settings or some garbage like that! Showing frame rates of 13 and 20fps! OH! OH! WAY TO GO! Show the worst resul.....


OK Really really angry right now. So many customers are looking for a way to get their kids a decent computer an even see games on their PC and video like the 2018 Olympics. An they are not showing performance of the GPU in the processors. This is so frustrating. I am gonna go lay down now. Think i may start drinking.