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Overclocking / Underclocking [AMD 7950] Flickering Multi Display

Question asked by necry on Feb 16, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2020 by red1825

Hello everyone i just created myself an account on here to post about my issue. I've had this issue for 2 years and every driver after 16.11.5 has been broken for both overclocking and underclocking my 7950. There is numerous of post on internet talking about this issue that has never been resolved.
So i'm curious to when AMD is actually going to fix this issue that they created with newer drivers for 7xxx generation and perhaps still even for 2xx and 3xx cards.


What happens?

If i try to overclock or underclock just 1mhz my screens goes insane flickering like crazy.


Why this happen?because with drivers newer than 16.11.5 for some reason AMD has changed so that my card starts running ULPS clocks at 300mhz core and 150mhz memory which is not enough to run 2 displays and so it starts to flicker like crazy.

If i start a game and the game keeps the 3D clocks everything is fine until i quiet any game and it returns to the ULPS horror again.



16.11.5 works with overclocking but lacks new features such as x264 gpu acceleration for OBS Studio which is very usefull for my setup for better performance.
17.4.4 broken driver with overclock and underclocking flicker like crazy ULPS hits again and breaks my system with flickering. Tried using MSI Afterburner to disable ULPS and surprise surpirse it removed the flickering. But this driver does not support OBS Studio x264 GPU Acceleration so not an option

18.1, 18.2.1, 18.2.2 ect and really any drivers between 16.11.5 to 18.2.2 has broken ULPS for overclocking for these cards and with these drivers MSI Afterburner disable ULPS makes card lock itself at 500mhz core 150mhz memory even in 3D

I have tested a ton of different drivers but they all give about the same results


MSI Afterburner

I have only used this for testing i normally overclock with AMD's built in overclocking application so it's not related to MSI Afterburner at all this happens on fresh new system with drivers newer than 16.11.5 always.


System Specs
i7 920 4Ghz
12 GB DDR3 1600mhz
Samsung 830 OS Drive
Samsung 840 Game Drive
2xWD 1TB Black 7200rpm
4TB Storage Driver 7200rpm
Windows 10 x64 with Creators Fall Update
Radeon Driver 18.2.1



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